SLAE-473 Assignment #2 Reverse Shell



This tutorial is part of the SecurityTube Linux Assembly Expert certification.
The goal of this assignment will be to create a Linux 32bit Shell_Reverse_TCP shellcode, i.e. reverse connects to configured IP and Port – Execs shell on successful connection.

The tutorial will contain example source with comments. Listed source code may have formatting issues so best place to obtain copies is from the projects Github repo.
Expected usage of this shellcode will be that when it’s executed on the ‘target’ system, the target system will initiate a TCP connection to another IP address and start an interactive shell on the target system.

This assignment will build from the previous bind shell assignment and so will not be reiterating explanations already covered there.

Note: Example shellcode contains null characters to help simplify demonstration and processor registers have not been cleared which may lead to issues if used within an exploit.

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